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Long-term project.

My inaugural Zine, "Melancholy," took shape in my hometown of Shanghai—the largest and most cosmopolitan city in mainland China—before my relocation to the UK for academic pursuits in 2018.


The wave of urbanisation has been sweeping through China at an unprecedented pace since the 80’s. Shanghai, once an old cosmopolitan hub dating back to the 20’s and marked by periods of historical colonisation, has undergone a profound transformation into a modern metropolis. However, the intrinsic 'Shanghai-ness' appears to fade amidst ongoing reconstruction and restoration efforts led by the current government. Having been a resident of Shanghai for three decades, I find the evolution of the city's urban culture intriguing. Through photography, I aim to capture and contemplate the shifts in local culture, offering a reflection on the nuanced transformations spurred by historical shifts and contemporary influences.


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