a multidisciplinary artist born in Shanghai based in London.

Sam's art practise currently revolves around photography, installation, and moving image, and they often reflect the learnings of conceptual art and employ an intuitive methodology "exploring through practice", which requires mixed materials exploring and new skills learning.


His recent work Becoming A Body stems from his personal life as the resource for inspiration, with research topics such as biopolitics and identity representation. As a result of social, cultural, and political circumstances, the work spins from the notion of queerness, memories, and mental process.


Meanwhile, he has a big interest on hand making photobooks, first Zine Melancholy finished in early 2018 (also shown at Offprint London 2019), exploring urban culture in his hometown Shanghai. It also implies the current situation that the country is going through a rapid social transition, and it raises questions over human activities during urbanisation in the modern era, which conveys a sense of melancholy.

Sam is about to pursue an MA degree studying Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths this September.

He is a member/ volunteer in some sexual minority groups.

Watch his portrait video here

He / him / they  (masculine non-binary)


BA (Hons) Photography at London College of Communication (2018-2021)


2018 Tate Modern Writing Photography (photographer collaborated with SJ Fowler)

2019 Tate Modern OffPrint Photobook exhibition, Melancholy


2021 'The Chinese Labour Corps in the First World War', China Eye. (69) (collaborated with Mantle, R. )

2021 'Silk, Opium, Missionaries' is coming soon


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