BECOMING A BODY (2020-2021) ​

(instead of going neutral and objective, I decided to take the plunge and be truly sincere, this is the project I’ve done for myself) ​

In this project, I put my body central to the practice as the resource for inspiration and a site of struggles. The project started exploring my self-identity and representation related to sexuality and sex with concerns of biopolitics which come from my journey pursuing an ‘ideal’ body.


The more the body performs, the further it gets isolated from a contradictory ‘fact’, which Deleuze describes as the relation of the figure to its isolating space as shown in Bacon’s painting. By using eight boxes as an installation and one moving image Sublimation (2’16’’) to present two stages that I was going though.


The journey ended up with the second stage as it functions therapeutic self-healing that is spiritually lifted, transforming and transcending the body to an abstract and shapeless flux.


Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm Materials: Waxed leather thread 0.1cm thick, Grey board 0.2cm thick, Metallic print, Box cloth black velvet (inside) black leather (outside), High-firm foam sheet 0.5cm thick, Acrylic, Superglue, Needle.

Sublimation (2’16’’)  


by using flames as an incarnation of my body reflects the mental states of being, refers to my body transforming and transcending to an abstract and shapeless flux.

The video can be watched here



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