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in the place where we left and arrived



​This is a long-term documentary project in relation to the project Melancholy, which reflects how Chinese society shifts in a fast pace of modernisation.


To start this project I chose Yangtze River (the mother river of China, the longest river in Asia) as my basic line of imagery. I had a road trip from the middle of the Yangtze along the way to its mouth (the east) - Shanghai – my hometown. A journey to home. It should be a documentary-based project containing a storytelling feature but to some degree it’s lyrical and fragmentary as well, in terms of the overlap use of dreamlike and memory-reflected scenes to represent how modernisation left an impact on the cities, the towns, and the rural areas nearby Yangtze River. ​


The arrangement of the exhibition:

Dimension: 360cm in width, 280cm in height

Printing: Fuji glossy Photographic paper x 30


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